An Oil & Gas Service and Equipment Company
TMG is a unique, Oklahoma-based company whose principle focus is on purchasing downstream, decommissioned oil and gas equipment.  What differentiates TMG from the industry is the approach taken in these engagements.   TMG, leveraging decades of experience in providing asset management technology and services to dozens of Fortune 500 companies, and hundreds of small and mid-cap companies, not only monetizes decommissioned assets, but does so in a services-based, services-oriented manner.

Companies often are consumed with running their core business and look past the financial benefit of monetizing assets they are no longer using.    However, selling these assets in a highly organized controlled manner, with a trusted "partner" not only generates revenue, against which there is no cost, but also allows companies to reduce their property tax base and need for insurance coverage on decommissioned assets, and protects those assets from further value deterioration.

Often, the reason companies don't focus on dispossessing themselves of assets is because they lack the human resources and expertise necessary to effectively and efficiently go through the process of selling the assets is because the process is more complex than is readily apparent, and tends to involve multiple constituents within an organization.   TMG's solution-based approach ensures that all stakeholders' concerns are resolved in the process of TMG's purchase.

TMG, though based in Oklahoma City, OK, purchases equipment and material throughout the region including all of Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and New Mexico.

Types of Equipment TMG purchases:

Drilling Equipment:  rigs, draw works, mud pumps, mud pits, top drives, drill pipe

Production Equipment:  pumping units, separators, heaters, engines, tanks batteries

Submersible:  cable, pumps, motors, sensors, Reda Cable

Other, including line pipe, rolling stock and water transfer pipe